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About Us

Our little bungalow- nestled between two apartment blocks- complete with forest green carpet was the starting block for our little allied health army of helpers. It started with a big (much needed renovation) to give some life back into this beautifully built former house and make it a healthcare home.

We now enjoy keeping those carparks full with our lovely community we are privileged to help and the rooms buzzing (once literally after an unfortunate bee expedition went wrong). It started with a very enthusiastic yet overwhelmed chiropractor wanting to design her own space and has grown into a wonderful second home to work in with some great additions of our naturopath and massage therapists.

Our Allied Health Team

Principal Chiropractor
Dr Emma Curnow
B.App Sc, M.Clin Chiro
Dry Needling, AK, Taping, NET
Consulting Hours: Mon AM/ PM, Wed AM/PM, Thurs PM, Fri PM, Sat AM

From her own experience with chiropractic at a young age, she has seen first hand how beneficial chiropractic treatment can be to improve her overall quality of life- whether it be sporting injuries to migraine headaches or falling asleep on the couch after sitting for too long studying at a desk, chiropractic care has always been a great go- to treatment for our principal chiropractor.

Naturopath/ Nutritionist
Merridy Casson
Massage Therapists

Lisa Zenna Douglas, pictured,
(Mon AM, Wed PM , Fri PM)
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